Adopt A Husky

Please read the profile of the dog you are interested in carefully and ensure you are a suitable match for the dog you are applying for before completing an application to save disappointment.
Completing the adoption application does NOT hold you to adopting the dog.
Do your research on Siberian Husky breed and traits to make an informed decision that a Husky is the right dog for you.


 – A reasonably sized secure backyard with 6+ foot tall, dig proof fencing

Unless the dogs profile specifically states otherwise

– No cats or other small animals
– No young children


To apply to adopt one of our gorgeous furkids please complete an adoption application including yard photo’s in the space provided in the application.
Once we have received your application we will be in contact to discuss your application further and our adoption process. Part of our adoption process is to conduct a yard inspection of the property to ensure your yard is secure to hold a husky safely.
For more details about any of our dogs and our adoption process please send an email inquiry to

Do your research on Siberian Husky breed and traits to make an informed decision that a Husky is the righ

Please fill out the form to get started:

How to adopt with Homes for Huskies

Choosing to adopt a husky is a great (and very ethical) decision to make! Start by ensuring you have the space, home, yard and lifestyle suitable for a husky (or two) in your life. At the minimum, you need a secure and safe yard with 6ft or higher dig-proof fencing (we can offer advice on this), and in most cases, no cats or pocket pets. 

Next, we recommend you read the profile of our available huskies and choose a husky or two that will suit your lifestyle best. Sometimes, we have bonded pairs which are perfect for people who want a ready-made set of best friends. Senior dogs are a great option too. And some huskies just want to run, and run, and run, and are perfect for people who love to run or skijour! So have a good read, choose your favourites, then fill out an application form

I have some questions about the adoption process - how do I get advice?

We’re always happy to answer questions about the adoption process, or specific dogs. You can email us directly on and ask away!

Why do I need to fill out an application form?

This helps us to understand who you are, your lifestyle, and the kind of husky that will suit your household best. We want the best outcome for everyone – both you and the husky – to find the perfect furever home. To adopt one of our gorgeous furkids, please complete an adoption application, including yard photos in the space provided in the application. Click here to access the form

I've applied for a husky (or two!) What's next?

Once we have received your application, we will be in contact to chat with you further about your application, and step you through the rest of the adoption process. We will send one of our experienced volunteers out to conduct a yard inspection at your home to ensure your yard is secure to hold a husky safely. Don’t be worried if it’s not up to scratch yet! We’ve been dealing with these furry escape artists for years, and can offer handy advice to get your yard husky perfect! 

Once we’ve completed the application, interview and inspection process, we’ll let you know if the adoption will proceed. 

The meet n' greet

We always have a meet n’ greet where one of our experienced volunteers will bring the husky out to your house (or neutral ground, depending on circumstaces) to meet everyone! This is especially important if you’ve already got a dog (or two) or younger children. We want to make sure the husky is a good fit for everyone!

Let the adoption trial commence!

At the end of a successful meet n greet, we’ll make arrangement to start the final stage of the adoption process. This involves paying the adoption fee and welcoming your new husky into your household. 

Trials last for two weeks, and at any time, you can talk to us for advice, help and more! We’re here to support the process, you, and your new husky. If the adoption isn’t working out – and this can happen for a range of reasons – we’re here to support you, and we will re-take the husky to find them a new furever home. 

Ongoing support and advice

Everyone in the Homes for Huskies family is invited into our private Facebook group, where you’ll get to know our volunteers and your fellow husky adopters! We share funny videos, hints and tips, arrange play dates, share good advice, and we’re all happy to help you work through any questions you have around everything from food to training, bedding to harnesses and leads and beyond! 

The support from Homes for Huskies doesn’t end when your adoption trial does! 

Welcome to the Homees for Huskies family.