There are three good reasons why you would love Sadie:
– Sadie will be an amazing fit for an active human who’s into fitness as much as she is, Sadie loves and needs lots of exercise, so dust the sneakers off!
– Companionship: she loves her people and will hug and kiss you every day
– Entertainment: she’s hilarious, with a delightful, quirky personality and loves a party zoomie.

Sadie is looking for a home:
– Where she will be the only dog
– That has NO cats or pocket pets
– With secure 6ft and dig proof fencing
– A home that will allow her inside
– No children
– Experienced home required

Sadie is the most adorably affectionate husky you could possibly imagine and loves nothing more than to be all over her human showering with kisses; if you don’t love continual cuddles and smooches Sadie is not for you.

Despite Sadie’s deprived past, she has come such a long way. She now knows how to walk on a lead and loves nothing more than her twice daily walks and runs. She has become healthy and sleek, very athletic with her healthy diet (which she devours with gusto), and now she’s easily able to manage a 10K run. She’s had also learnt how to sit and is just beginning to learn to wait for a few seconds. She’s a great little sleeper and loves routine. She is an absolute delight!

Her foster carer would love to keep Sadie; but alas she is a girl who needs to be an only dog so she can pour all her love unshared onto her human/s. She tolerates other dogs and walks beautifully in her pack of 3 (plus some when we get together for playdates with furry friends); but she wants her human/s all to herself the rest of the time and isn’t interested in mingling much with her foster bro and sis.

Experienced home preferred.